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Aug 19, 2020

CAMPBELL & KRAMER is based in Orange County California where Presley and Aiden design each piece. Their clothing line collection is ethically made from sustainable, recycled, repurposed,or dead stock materials.

instagram: @campbellandkramer

Aug 13, 2020

CBD oil & other extracts are well respected as alternative medicinal therapy for inflammation, muscle aches, even anxiety. California, like many other western states, has legalized these forms of hemp for over the counter sales. Richard Pintang @salescoachrich comes into the studio to give us some insights on CBD usage....

Aug 7, 2020

1984 has given this generation great insight's into humanity's fallacies in trying to achieve a "utopian" society. Social Contract, Natural Law, & Constitutional liberties will always create the most durable conditions in a society amongst its unfixable flaws. Generation Mars does a deep dive discussion into the book's...