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Mar 16, 2023

Radical Progressive policies are coming to their horrible results. Banks are closing, transportation is failing, and the NATURAL ORDER of biological sex is being blurred into stupidity. 

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Mar 9, 2023

Tucker Carlson drops his J6 videos and they are very interesting... Lots of questions that the UNSELECTED Committee never showed the American People. Meanwhile in Arizona WE THE PEOPLE are PISSED, especially in Pinal County. These news topics and many more in this week's episode.

Video format is on Rumble


Mar 3, 2023

Conspiracy theorists are your friends. We see in the present time the theories of 2020 are being proven as FACTS. Congress is holding committees and oversight hearings calling out the FBI, DOJ, and social media companies. Violations of U.S. Citizens' rights are at an all time threat. Meanwhile the next generation of...